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Happy Christmas from All at Priscum

The Christmas party went ahead with a skeleton crew I don’t think we will have one next year everyone is to busy in December. There is an interesting article about the FCA and they sent a contradictory letter to an adviser about pension transfers.

The Tory’s have won and annoyed a lot of Loony liberals who thought JC (not Jesus Christ) was the savior of the universe but actually it is Jesus after all whose Birthday we celebrate next week. The insurance companies are preferring the results as it finally brings stability to the Markets. I think elections bring out the worse in people. This is evident on Social media The Husband and I had to have some stern words with someone who was ranting that unless you voted the way that he did you were scum. The more sensible people told him it was he who was being stupid.

Here is my quote from the book of Face.

“Please Facebook for everyone’s sanity. Stop talking about politics and get back to posting. Animal pictures, pictures of Food, holiday photos, Christmas Trees, food and Children. This is what Facebook is for not the extension of the farce that is Westminster, their all rubbish anyway!!! I am sure the stupid politicians never listen to the public anyway!!!”

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