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Happy Easter

Hello and welcome to the Easter edition of the Priscum newsletter. For once there is no news on Brexit The stupid politicians have gone on Holiday leaving us to vote in the European elections I for one will be writing Your all rubbish on my Ballot paper!!!!!! The FCA have been busy with various reports changes and Updates. Some of the most important updates and findings that are most relevant to IFAs I have put in the Priscum Updates section. There are lots of Advisers who are struggling to get PI cover at the moment, not just for DB transfers but for normal business activities as well so if yours is due soon make sure you fill out the forms in plenty of time. Also included is an interesting article about high Net worth Clients who even though could afford to buy a property outright are choosing to take out a mortgage. I have included a Case study about funding property through a Pension. One of the most humorous stories is about a woman who couldn’t sell her castle so created a raffle to win it for £5 and then when not enough tickets were sold she gave a cash prize instead.

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