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ALEX'S WEDDING & Other Stories

Welcome to the Priscum August Newsletter in today's issue. Keith has now Joined the 21st Century he has not only started switching his phone on but it actually works in the house. Not only that he has managed to get Wi fi Calling on his phone but he also has Whatsapp. Now Both Parents have Whatsapp and can video call each other from different rooms in the house. They tried calling me from their phones in the same room and had terrible feedback. I have also illustrated this newsletter with pictures of my Wedding and Honeymoon. That is more of a happy picture than what is going on In Government at the moment. It has become clear to me that all politicians should be shot.

The most important thing in today's newsletter is the Next Priscum Seminar on the 12th of September you should have had an email invite. If you would like to attend please let me know. This will be mostly about compliance issues including the senior Managers Regime. but we are also going to be launching our Sharepoint sites. Also included is Trump has tried to buy Greenland., FCA's £18m bill to replace Gabriel, Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers.

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