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The most important thing in today's Newsletter is the Priscum Christmas party. I sent out an email earlier this month inviting people to the Christmas lunch if you would like to come please let me know your menu choices.

I have separated an article called Political mayhem in the UK! To a separate sheet although when you are reading this anything could have happened and what was up to date when I wrote it is now Out of date when it is sent to you. I hereby announce my candidacy for the Next Prime Minister. Alex for PM!!

Here is my Manifesto. I think my new political party the Standing In the Middle, Dressed Stupidly, Grabbing all Attention and Looking Stupid Party will thrive. My Main policy’s would be:

  1. Lock up all Existing politicians in an old 60’s Tower Block and blow it up

  2. Turn the Houses of

Parliament into a Museum

  1. Give the Queen more powers

  2. Implement my 2 point Virus plan and Gladiatorial Arena. This is both a social, Entertainment and an Environmental policy.

First you have a nice 1918 influenza's wiping out a third of the population of the world not discriminating to much but I would suspect that it would affect the sick and elderly the most, anyone who is 5 years older than Keith.

My next Virus is a sterility Virus with 50% the surviving population made Sterile to reduce the surplus population of the world. For entertainment in this new and improved world you have a nice Gladiatorial arena where the people who are sterile fight it out for the Mobs entertainment. All these things would help the environment as there would be less people destroying the natural world.

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