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Happy Halloween MUHAHAHAAA!!!!

Welcome to the spooky Halloween edition of the Priscum newsletter. WeWork Schroders said it was a good thing to invest in and then a day later on the BBC News it was announced they were in trouble after their playboy boss was drinking away all their profits. There is also a few Articles on Ethical Investing and The End of the Woodford Saga. I have put these on a separate sheet that is well worth a read. The government also have plans for Green Houses and schools in all the new Housing estates that are being built. The Brexit saga is now dragging on past another deadline it doesn’t look like this will ever end Brexit is quickly turning into a Zombie that won’t die. I think we need Keith in the House of lords that will soon sort everything out. Or if not try Keith as the Queen further in the Newsletter, in an article about the Queens Speech. There are still places for our Xmas meal if you want to come.

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