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It's Time for us To Take over the Country

It has been a busy Month In politics a New independence Group of MP’s have Defected from Both main Party’s. I still think Keith Should be in charge, I should be his deputy and my Uncle should oversee justice with 2 policies. Hanging and the stocks. Stocks for the first offence and hanging for everything else. You can make money out of it by selling souvenirs and tickets!!!

In today's newsletter there is an Interesting Article I found on Schroders web site about Millennials. Busting the millennial myth. According to this and several other articles I am Technically classed as a millennial 1980-2000. I however thing the grading system is wrong. Several other sources and my Chum who is a Doctor of Robotics thinks that there is a generation that should be between Generation x and the Millennials. The MTV Generation refers to the adolescents and young adults of the 1980s and early 1990s. I think this is a much better Hypothesis as this generation went to school before the rise of mobile phones, still played outside and were more physically active (apart from me). They were also the first generation to learn about Computers from an early age and therefore are often more computer literate than their parents. IT (Information Technology for those who are still behind on computers), was the only C grade GCSE I got the first time around. As Keith so delightfully describes his 2 children The Thick and The Lazy.

A Date for your Diary for March 28th 2019

Spaces are still available for our seminar at the end of the month at Chargrove House.

The agenda is:

Complaint Handling – DISP

Product Governance - PROD, and

Ongoing services - What do you do - drawdown clients - COBS

But I’m sure Brexit will be discussed as well

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