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Happy Halloween MUHAHAHAAA!!!!

Welcome to the spooky Halloween edition of the Priscum newsletter. There has been lots of backlash about the FCA’s new Register. I was at a conference this month and they were singing the praises of it. But I have read several articles and been to a different conference where it has been criticised terribly. I have also included several supplements this Month. As we get closer to March next year there is more and more information coming out about Brexit so I have created a Brexit supplement. Several talks at a conference I went to were discussing Brexit and the future of investment. The slides were very interesting and have been saved on the Priscum Web site. The second Supplement is

on Cyber security this was also prominently discussed at a couple of conferences. Another thing was an update on the Senior management regime that is coming into force next year. To see all the slides from this month’s conferences please Click Here to go to the Priscum web site, where you will also find all my previous newsletters.

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