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10th anniversary of the Financial Crash

The most important thing in today’s Newsletter is the Priscum Christmas party. I sent out an email earlier this month inviting people to the Christmas lunch if you would like to come please let me know your menu choices. I have split the Newsletter in two as I often do when there is lots of news today I have separated the Brexit section and also an Update about the various Platform problems several providers have been having the latest news is the head of the platform at AEGON has been sacked!!!!

You should also be more aware of cyber security after GDPR lots of Companies are getting hacked at the moment and you have to take responsibility for your own cyber security or you might get a large fine from the regulators. If you would like Priscum to carry out a cyber security visit to check your systems, please let me know and I can arrange a visit to check your systems. Also this month it was the 10th anniversary of the Financial Crash lots of people think there is shortly to be another one.

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