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Welcome to the Priscum August Newsletter in today's issue. This is a picture of Priscum Ltd new CEO And its not the scarecrow - it Alex on the Yellow Brick Road to the position of company executive.

Keith has been telling his customers and fellow Bell ringers that he gets fed Ready meals. His dinner is ready at 12:30 every day!!!!!

Todays newsletter was getting to big so I have seperated the malware update onto a speerste sheet. It involves an update from the FCA some Virusus that just wont die and some companies that have got in trouble.

Also in today's newsletter Aegon have been lying to everyone they say they have sorted out the problems and admittedly I can now access their commission statements, but several advisers I have spoken to are still having problems with them. There is an interesting article that says the financial firms are doing better than

Netflix and employing more females to top positions in the company. There is also a useful update about estate planning.

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