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Saffron is now more expensive than gold

Source: George Tsartsianidis /

Saffron is now more expensive than gold so maybe you should be investing in Saffron.

Due to the difficulty in cultivating the delicate vanilla orchid flower. Madagascar, which supplies over 75% of the world’s natural flavouring, vanilla is in the grip of a vanilla crisis. Strong demand for natural vanilla, speculation and money laundering have combined to drive prices skywards. As a result, girls are dropping out of school to marry ‘vanilla barons’, theft of vanilla from farmers has increased while those fortunate enough to grow vanilla have sparked a spending boom. Sales of televisions, cars and motorbikes are high but the worry is that many workers who have purchased cars won’t be able to fill them with petrol, when the price of vanilla cools.

More people applied to ‘Love Island’ than applied to get into Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Father has just left my office and got stuck in the road works not just the traffic but actually in the road works he followed a truck and found himself stuck in the hard shoulder surrounded by Diggers and construction workers!!!!

In today’s newsletter there is an important update on IHT and Pensions and if you read nothing else make sure you read that TWICE!!!!

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