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Five questions Advisers should Think about GDPR

Hello and welcome to the April edition of the Priscum newsletter. I hope you are all prepared for GDPR it starts at the end of next week on the 25th of May. There is lots of GDPR advice available to you as a member of priscum we have put lots of information on the web site available to download including new documents and Privacy policys that are availabe for you clients. For other advice click on this article that has some interesting ideas Five questions advisers should ask about GDPR

In Todays Newsletter there is an interesting article about Alexa and The Financial Services Alexa now offering Mortgages and the abiltity to check pensions. Waspi are Infighting again and an IFA has won an Oscar.

A message from Keith:

“ I went to a seminar this week - see I do go to some in person - 7 i M their "Real return fund" - has so far this year achieved a real return of MINUS 9% !!!!!”

Most clients would not see that as a real return.

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