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Happy Easter

Here is the Easter Bunny's helpers Wishing you a Happy Easter. As you are no doubt aware (as it was supposed to be last week) our seminar has been canceled this is for several reasons The FCA are still finalising their GDPR policy and the joint statement between the FCA and the ICO diddn’t really give much of an update. If you are worried about GDPR itself we can arrange a compliance visit to you to check you are GDPR and Miffid II compliant. There are some up dates from Recent conferences about GDPR and some slides that we had created before the canceled seminar. Click here to access the Slides .

Here is a link to the Information Commissioners office section on GDPR

A BBC drama about international Crime was on earlier in the year about a new law dubbed the McMafia law has had its first case tried in court. Also in today’s newsletter, Phoenix are Rubbish, we know this but it seems they are getting worse Standard Life now have now sold to them and the Axa website is down because of them. A scammer has tried to use Bill Gates image to get people to invest. HMRC are clamping down on Tax dodgers. I ran out of room in this newsletter so the Budget update is on a separate attachment there is not much in it but some things are needed to know for financial advisers.

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