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Priscum Ltd is revising its charges for TVAS

Welcome to the November newsletter in today’s newsletter. Since the last newsletter we have had a seminar where there is lots of information about Miffid and GDPR. If you wish to re look over the slides they are all available online at our website Click Here.

Priscum Ltd is revising its charges for TVAS -

£900 initial advice - 1/2% initial fee capped at £9000 Any ongoing advice from Priscum 1/2% up to £300,000 for all.

then 0.25% for any remaining funds over £300,000 There is no obligation to have ongoing advice. Any new work - actually received in 2017 will be at the current cost of £600 plus 0.25%.

There has also been an interest rise since last month for the first time in a long time. I have gathered together some articles on what it means to the general public and also the possible impact to advisers. I have an update from the FCA on the Money Laundering and terrorist Financing regulations and a brief overview of some of the legislation due to take place next year. There are lots of other useful updates in the newsletter as always, Including Murder, most Horrid of a Financial Adviser.

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