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Happy Halloween MUHAHAHAAA!!!!

Welcome to the spooky Halloween edition of the Priscum newsletter. It has been exactly a year since Keith knackered up his eye. He has mostly recovered but now has fetching shaded glasses. I hope you are all planning to come to our seminar in a few weeks. We have been doing lots of work on Miffid 2 and GDPR We have requested someone from the Information Commissioners office to come and do a talk about GDPR and other Data protection issues. Once they have confirmed the time they will be arriving we can finalise the timings. In today’s newsletter there are lots of updates. On a wide variety of things including Miffid and SASS, a couple of articles about the Ombudsman. An interesting article about another possible financial crisis from car finance firms. They are largely unregulated and are borrowing a lot of money and it is a dicey practice that could crash everything again like the financial crisis of 2008. As it is a Halloween the pictures on this page are of my last play Carmilla, it was about a female vampire seducing young Women and turning them into vampires. The original novel was written before Dracula.

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